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Travel is Discovery! the opportunity to assimilate other realities into your own personal reality; the opportunity to embrace diversity while maintaining your personal identity; the discovery that while realities differ vastly, personal aspirations are a common factor uniting humanity. Cultural journeys of discovery offer these opportunities

Maximizing travel experiences is an art. The rewards are incalculable and

Our journey began in the desert in 1984 A diverse group of friends from many backgrounds we decided to share our collective travel knowledge and discovery in cultural adventure travel with others of similar interests, desires, dreams.

Since that time we’ve travelled the world learning, observing, absorbing, and sharing. Discovery Since that time we have encouraged vigorous talented young people to join The Existential Traveller in all stages of tour planning with our guidance to ensure continued vibrant, energetic and unique adventures.

Our small group personalized cultural travel offers insights, adventure,
personal discovery, companionship. mental stimulation, and best of all,
memories which will be your treasures for a lifetime. 

Our commitment to volunteer projects and environmental issues has increased our understanding of cultural bridges and gaps. We invite you to share our world.

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