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The Travellers Club features experiential travel We share, we learn, we grow.
The Club offers unique journeys at affordable costs to expand the travel circle globally.

The Club makes all your arrangements so that you relax and enjoy the journey. Experienced hosts and local experts accompany our travellers on every trip. We create our itineraries carefully to offer interaction with local cultures as well as exposure to unique experiences and cultural icons.

We are with you throughout the journey For those traveling alone, The Club is a perfect fit because companionship is a hallmark of our programs.
Single, couples or groups of friends, Club has a welcome spot for you. And of course with each tour you meet new friends and renew old acquaintances who often become lifelong friends and travel companions. A very special feature of The Travellers Club is the discounted prices and other special benefits given to members.



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The diversity of Morocco is unique in many ways. The cultures, natural beauty, food, arts, and history offer something for everybody.

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The Ottoman Empire was a major contributor to the culture and progress of the world. Today Turkey retains the treasures of those contributions while enjoying a modern, progressive society.



The five countries collectively known as Central Asia represent the earliest trade routes between the east and Europe. Central Asia attracts travelers and explorers today as it has for centuries.



An African safari is the trip of a lifetime. Our fascinating eco-tours demonstrates the beauty of Kenya and its progressive efforts to maintain the land and the animals.



Join our extraordinary journey through the mountains, jungles and rivers of Southeast Asia.



A visit to India captures all the senses. Thousands of years of culture have contributed to this enormous diverse progressive country.

The real voyage to discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes
Marcel Proust


The International Folk Art Market
with explorations of Santa Fe and
surrounding areas!

Travel is Discovery! the opportunity to assimilate other realities into your own personal reality; the opportunity to embrace diversity while maintaining your personal identity; the discovery that while realities differ vastly, personal aspirations are a common factor uniting humanity. Cultural journeys of discovery offer these opportunities

Maximizing travel experiences is an art. The rewards are incalculable and

Our journey began in the desert in 1984 A diverse group of friends from many backgrounds we decided to share our collective travel knowledge and discovery in cultural adventure travel with others of similar interests, desires, dreams.

Since that time we’ve travelled the world learning, observing, absorbing, and sharing. Discovery Since that time we have encouraged vigorous talented young people to join The Existential Traveller in all stages of tour planning with our guidance to ensure continued vibrant, energetic and unique adventures.

Our small group personalized cultural travel offers insights, adventure,
personal discovery, companionship. mental stimulation, and best of all,
memories which will be your treasures for a lifetime.

Our commitment to volunteer projects and environmental issues has increased our understanding of cultural bridges and gaps. We invite you to share our world.

What We Offer


All Existential Traveller programs are based on years of travel with the input and assistance of local destination experts. We search for new destinations, new possibilities, new experiences. Existential Traveller tours include a professional tour director, your on-site concierge, to ensure your best possible travel experiences. Each journey features expert local professionals to provide in-depth background information and special access to you.

Private group

Group Travel….. Sharing travel experiences with people of similar interests…experiencing adventures to a higher level. broadens perspective and enhances the magic of your travel. As the old saying goes “Travel is the best education”.

Personalized individual travel

Personalized cultural adventure tours focus on the arts and culture of the region, are personally researched by our intrepid staff and designed to maximize your upscale group travel experience.

Support for Non Profits

The Existential Traveller welcomes the opportunity to design, organize and produce group tours as fund raisers for your non profit organizations based on the interests and objectives of the organization.

Environmental Travel

We support and practice the ASTA “green” program for environmentally friendly travel. We support fair trade and use local agents and merchants for all aspects of our tours ensuring that your experience is authentic, rewarding and fun.

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Culinary Delights
Cultural Treasures

Travelling; it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller
Ibn Battuta

New adventure !

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